Our School Council

Our Motto: ‘Inspire us to take your ideas and put them into action.’

Our Vision: ‘Leading pupil voice across our school.’

Pupil Voice is a powerful force in our school. Our democratically appointed School Council work very hard to listen and act upon the voices, ideas and opinions of ALL children.

Our Council is made up of two children from each year group (1-6) who meet every week to further develop our learning opportunities and environment. The School Council runs weekly surgeries and regularly leads pupil voice collective worship sessions.

For 2017-2018 our Council members are:

Year Pupils
Year 1 Joseph and Dollcie-Mai
Year 2 Elliott and Poppy
Year 3 Amelie and Daisy
Year 4 Matthew and Ethan
Year 5 Rhys and Maisie
Year 6 George and Evie

They have written their own hymn which encompasses our Christian values and demonstrates the aims and ethos of our Council:

School Council Hymn (sung to the tune of ‘Away in a Manger’)

Generosity, forgiveness, selflessness, honesty,
Curiosity, empathy – we live by these things.
Forgive us our sins and make us thankful,
School Council hears us, they hear us all.
Give us your ideas, share your thoughts – and opinions.
We will try and make it happen,
To create your ambitions!

The School Council prayer, also written by the children is:

Dear God,
Thank you for the school we’re in,
Our democracy, our family, our voices to sing!
Help us live by the British Values,
Let School Council hear our views.
Pupil voice is powerful here,
You, Lord God, hold us dear.
Let happiness reign all through the year!

This year the Council have been busy in running a cake sale, re-writing their prayer as well as devising and collating responses from a pupil voice questionnaire all about lunch and playtimes.  Members are currently working on developing a quiet area in the playground for everyone to enjoy.